Products & Services

Through our traditional and electronic trading platforms, our team of professionals offer clients a broad array of taxable and tax-exempt fixed income securities. Our trading team is experienced at providing value-added distribution and execution to both Tier 1 and Middle Market investors.


Certificates of Deposit

Zeus Financial provides a comprehensive list of CD types including Fixed Rate CDs, Step-up, Variable Rate and Callable CDs as well as Stock, Index & Basket Linked CDs.

Erik Smith, Executive VP – (646) 769-1933

Robbe Uhrhammer, Director – (980) 246-9444

Mortgage Backed Securities

Zeus Financial focuses on a wide range of Agency and Non-Agency Mortgage Backed Securities including Pass-Throughs, Agency CMOs, Arms, SBA, Agency CMBS, Non-Agency CMO, ABS, CMBS and Derivatives.

Pardeep Kumar, Executive VP – (332) 333-1201

Steven Hampton, Executive VP – (980) 729-6611

Corporate Bonds

Our Corporate Bonds desk provides our institutional customers with primary and secondary offerings as well as competitive market execution.


Zeus Financial Structured Product traders can provide new issue calendar offerings as well as custom notes to meet specific customer inquiries. The traders can also execute trades in secondary issues.

Zachary Morris, Director – (561) 708-0604

Municipal Securities

Zeus Financial provides our institutional clients with offerings in both the taxable and tax-exempt municipal bond arena. They seek to provide liquidity, execution, and service.

Peter Brandel, Sr. VP – (980) 246-9443

Omelio Armas, Executive VP – (980) 729-6613

Dan Friel, Sr. Executive VP – (980) 500-2579

John Hatton, Sr. Executive VP – (980) 729-6612

Bob Kursar, Sr. Executive VP – (980) 500-2588

Mark McCabe, Institutional Salesperson – (980) 306-7958

Martin Flynn, Institutional Salesperson – (339) 273-1419

Gerard McNamara, Institutional Salesperson – (332) 237-2278

Richard Memeger, Institutional Salesperson – (475) 465-5474


Our Operations Department employs some of the best and brightest in the industry. How can we help you?

Rachel Telvi, Director & Trading Supervisor – (561) 708-0606

Daniel Raymond, Operations Specialist – (561) 708-0615

Sandra Greene, Associate – (980) 729-6614

Kali Parks, Assistant Operations Specialist – (561) 708-0614


Meet the leaders and executives of Zeus Financial, LLC.

Vincent Butkevits, CEO/Board Member – (561) 708-0605

Leticia Butkevits, Board Member/Majority Owner – (561) 708-0700

Gary Galarpe, COO/CRO/CCO/Board Member – (980) 353-3495

Amber Kenny, Controller/CAO – (561) 708-0608

Pardeep Kumar, Managing Director/Board Member – (332) 333-1201

Steven Singer, CFO/PFO/FinOP – (561) 784-8922

PLEASE NOTE: All securities products involve risks. Read the prospectus before investing.